Monday, March 7, 2011

UFC: 128 Predictions Shogun Vs Jones

                                                       "Bring it, Jones"

I honestly can't don't know who will win this fight, it should be really close. Shogun utterly destroyed Machida, and Jones is undefeated (Other than that one DQ.) Jones has constantly surprised me with his willingness to go outside of the box and try new techniques that some people would never think to attempt in the octagon. Honestly, how do you emulate Jones in a sparring session? The reach, the unpredictability, the reaction ability, he's so talented and he's still getting better.

That said, Shogun is a BEAST. Lyoto got pretty damn lucky the first time they met in the octagon and that's coming from a Machida fan. Shogun has shown that he can go to the ground or stand up and triumph in both of those positions. He has more experience than Jones and that's gonna be a huge advantage for him in terms of being mentally prepared.

This fight is going to be terrific, I can say that without a doubt in my mind. Both fighters are aggressive, dynamic and oriented towards getting that belt around their own waist. Son, I am very excite.

All in all this fight is drawing a LOT of hype, Jones with his massive reach (the longest in the UFC), and Shogun, the seasoned veteran. I predict a knock out by Jones, who will win? Only time will tell.


  1. I kinda think Jones is going to win. I do like Shogun though.

  2. I think Jones will win, but I hope Shogun does. Either way I am expecting a great fight!

  3. Should be a great fight regardless of the overall outcome.

  4. I know nothing of MMA, but you make it sound like its a lot more than just two guys going at it

  5. its hard to say, but it is going to be an awesome match i am sure.