Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lidell Leaves the UFC

                                               "Farewell, sweet prince"

A few weeks after losing hi third fight out of five via KO, Lidell announced that he was going to retire from the UFC to President Dana White. This was news to both White, and his trainer (John Hackleman). Hackleman stated that Lidell hasn't made any decision of the sort about his MMA future, while Dana White was stating that he has "...absolutely, positively seen the last of Lidell."

"He has nothing left to prove," Said White. "He went out with a bang." (Yeah, a bang as in he got beat to a pulp three times before retiring XD)

But don't place any bets on this prediction. You know WHite will cave if Liddell wants to do a "Post retirement fight" (See: Randy Corture). And there's no way Lidell will join another organization, due to legal reasons, and his loyalty to the UFC. However if the boss claims the show is over, it just may be.


  1. I've always wanted to start an interest in MMA however I could never find it and the bars around here don't televise it :(

  2. It was time anyway. He won't really be missed due to him being out of his prime for awhile. But he was one of the most entertaining MMA to walk this earth.

  3. I miss watching ufc Gotta start back up again