Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cordeiro Truncates Comparisons to Jackson

Excerpt from sherdog

Kings MMA founder and former Chute Boxe coach Rafael Cordeiro(Pictured) during a recent interview with Sherdog.com on constant comparisons to trainer Greg Jackson:

“I think our philosophy is very different from the American guys. We put a lot of emotion into the things we do, and, sometimes, it speaks louder. This is the Brazilian way of acting, and I think it’s the right way. I don’t know the degree of the relationships Greg Jackson has with his students or if they come to him already prepared. These things are hard to learn because there’s been a huge amount of marketing with him. I don’t know of any champion that was made there. Unlike here, where we have fighters who are offspring of this camp, I don’t know how it happens there. It may exist, but the ones I know are fighters from other states who came to train with him. These guys get together in order to train all in the same place. Everything comes down to results. If you put his roosters against ours, ours will beat them.” 

I'd love to see a bout between these two, they have very similar striking styles and ground game.

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